Radiocarbon laboratory

Background level 50 000 yrs BP
Archeometry and Environmental Studies
Industrial Applications
 Mini Carbon Dating System (MICADAS) AMS
 Gas Ion source interface
 Quality control ISO 9001:2008

Radiocarbon measurements has a long tradition in the HEKAL laboratory since 1980. A counter system for high-precision 14C dating with pre-treatment unit (GPC Lab) was built that time. A MICADAS type Accelerator Mass Spectrometer and the associated new sample preparation laboratory was installed to our Laboratory in July of 2011. The MICADAS was developed in close cooperation with ETHZ (Zürich, Switzerland) and the NSF AMS Laboratory of Arizona University (Tucson, Arizona, USA) . Several national and international research organizations, museums, and industrial partners are using the fast and effective 14C analysis method at Atomki.

The HEKAL AMS C-14 facility is a joint laboratory of MTA Atomki and Isotoptech Zrt.
For more information about MTA Atomki research activities please follow the link bellow.
Link to the MTA Atomki C-14 Research Laboratory


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