CNC water jet cutting

CNC water jet cutting

material: steel, plastic, ceramics, rubber, wood, glass
thickness: 0.1 mm to 197 mm
the cuttable enframing size: 1500 mm x 3000 mm
precision: 0.05 mm for rough surface and 0.02 mm for fine surface, as needed (minimal taper can be measured in case of high thickness)
We can accept cutting plans directly in .dwg and .dwf AUTOCAD file formats, or in the form of technical drawing

The Isotoptech Ltd. owns an i510-G2 type water jet cutter since september 2016. The computer-controlled equipment is suitable for high-precision plane geometry cutting. The cut surface – depending on the requirements – can be adequate even without treatment. Unlike in case of other cutting methods there isn’t any structural change in the material near the cut. Cutting burrs are minimal.


pintye zoltan
NameZoltán Pintye
Qualifications mechanical engineer
Job description Workshop Leader
Specializations mechanical design, mechanical production preparation and management
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